Using Sound for Self Discovery and Healing

The universe is in a state of vibration and the human body is an interlacing web of vibratory fields and energy current. Modern physics has shown that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies to become what we experience as the material world. All of life is vibrating, every atom is constantly moving and sound is the force that organizes all matter and its effect on each atom in our body.The practice of using sound has been employed since ancient times in healing and meditative rituals.Ancient cultures recognized the power of sound to create change in body
balance. Singing, chanting, drumming and the use of various other instruments has long been seen as a way to create a state of peace and well-being and to bring people into harmony with the rhythms and cycles of nature.
When our body is stimulated by vibration we are affected on all levels, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. On a physical level our endocrine glands, nervous system, brain, organs blood and cells are all directly affected by vibration. On an emotional level sound can have a profound affect on how we feel, causing us to release built up emotions and stress.
Spiritually sound has the ability to take us into altered states of consciousness and raise our conscious understanding of each other and ourselves.While the drum accomplishes this with rhythm, the singing crystal bowls use tone. Modeled after the ancient Tibetan singing bowl, the tremendous energy of these pure quartz crystal bowls resonates strongly with the liquid crystalline substances in our body. Their tones restore balance to the rhythmic pattern of our organs and cells.When the bowls are played they produce sound wave frequencies equivalent to alpha brain wave patterns.Alpha waves are associated with states of deep relaxation and dreaming, allowing us to move beyond our logical mind to access the creative, intuitive imagination of the right side of our brain. The sound harmonics created by the singing bowls have the therapeutic effects of an internal sound massage. The bowls assist in the release of tension and stress held in the physical body as well as calming the mind and centering ones focus allowing you to sink into the sound chamber of your own inner music.