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Myshell Nukina has just completed a remix for Trisomie 21's new album, Happy Mystery ChildRed or Green (Nukina Colour Blind Mix) will appear on a special limited edition version of Happy Mystery Child set to be released this October.  For more info check out www.trisomie21.com.

Myshell's  Remix

of Cristian Padaru's

Positive Education

Exclusive Release on Beatport



CD Review

Nukina Live@Eleusis

-byDale De Ruiter

It's O.K. to listen to electronic music.  I would just like to put that

in the clear because it seems like people are shying away from it. 

Ever since techno died, after it was a trend in the mid to late

nineties it is harder to get a hold of and there are fewer and

fewer releases.  Nukina, from right here in Kamloops, who

played at Eleusis, which is a "family" gathering, have recorded

their set and now it is in my hands.  Live albums are always a

touchy subject because more often than not they are crap. 

Seldom do they ever touch the level of artistry that a studio

album contains.  Well this is the exception to the rule.  The

recording quality and precision actually make this CD sound

like a studio album, which is a hard goal to reach.

The second track on this disk has a remix of Eminem's

"Without Me."  For those of you who don't know, this is the

song that Eminem verbally attacked Moby by

"Nobody listens to techno."  The remix is ingenious and I am

quite surprised that no one did it earlier.  The other tracks on

Live@Eleusis are wicked.

Nukina has strong belief in sound healing.  Sound healing

is the belief that all matter in life has a set vibration rate, and

that by using music you can actually spiritually heal your self. 

The fact that this is a live CD and you can heal your soul makes

it quite a desirable item which you can receive if you contact

Nukina at www.nukina.ca

-Dale De Ruiter, Omega Magazine, Volume XIII Issue 9, Oct.29, 2003




DJ Myshell has just signed a publishing agreement with Don't Fix It Music.  With an EP slated for release this fall on Broken Records.



"08.30.2004 - Dont Fix It Signs Canadian Producer/DJ MYSHELL!
We are pleased to announce the signing of one of Canada's most promising, talented and beautiful

Producer/DJ's, MYSHELL! Check her out!"




Nukina's Remix of U2's Mysterious Ways is leading
the "Elevate the Remixes"
Contest. Check it out:

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