Past Events:

Opening DJ for:

-Armin Van Buuren-
-Benny Benassi-

-Anne Savage-

-Matt Darey-

-The Thrillseekers-

-George Acosta-

-Donald Glaude-

-Kris Menace-

-Gervais Briot-

-DJ Craze-


-AC Slater-

Other Events/Clubs:

-WMC, Miami-

-Rain, Miami-

-Mambo's, Goa-

-Moe Joe's, Whistler-


-Apex Project-



-Lotus Sound Lounge-


-Red Room-

Trained in Acutonics and Sound Therapy, Myshell’s music defies the boundaries set by electronic music genres. Her productions fuse a vast array of influences. Her live electronic act incorporates elements of trance, house, breaks, funk, rock and even hip-hop. Myshell’s spontaneous sets involve remixes on the fly with loops layered and arranged in real time. No two shows are alike.

Myshell has played Western Canada’s largest events (such as Summerlove, Summerbreak & Apex) as well opening for some of dance music’s biggest names such as Armin Van Buuren, Benny Benassi, Matt Darey, Anne Savage, Donald Glaude and Doc Martin.


Trained in acutonics, colour, magnetic and sound therapy.  Myshell was drawn to the tribal nature of electronic dance music.  She instantly recognized the deep trance state of

dancers was similar to the state that people reached in her healing room. She strives to

incorporate the essence of sound healing into her music.

Live Show Gear List

Macbook Pro Retina Display

Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo

Universal Audio Apollo
Midiman Oxygen 8

Glyph Netdrives Hardrive

Pioneer Headphones

Moog Music Moogerfooger Low Pass Filter

African Djembe Handrum


Ableton Live

Universal Audio Plug-Ins

Studio Gear List


Apple Imac

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple Powermac G5

Apple Logic 9

Ableton Live 9

Pro Tools HD

Universal Audio Apollo


Moog Sub Phatty

Moog Minitaur

Moog Slim Phatty

Dave Smith Mopho X4

Arturia Minibrute

Kurzweil K2000

Juno 106

Roland JP8000

Novation Super Bass Station & Drum Station

Fender Rhodes Mark I-Stage Piano

Hammond M3 & Leslie 147

Moogerfoogers-Filter & Phaser and Analog Delay

Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron & Big Muff Pi &

English Muffin

Kingsley Jester Overdrive

Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem

Sans Amp Ps-1 & VT Bass

Roland Analog Echo-DC 30

Fender Vintage Jazz Bass-'62 Reissue

Dunlop Bass Wah & Morley Wah Pedal

Avalon U5 DI

Plug-in such as Waves, McDSP,

Massenburg EQ, Echofarm, Bombfactory, Sound Toys, Amplitube and Universal Audio

Tascam 1/4" Reel to Reel

Technic SL-1200Mk2 Turntables

Focal CM65